Dear Hatetts

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Kerry Barber

Dear Hatetts

EN | Canada | 6 min | 2017

This short film deals with what happens when a woman is accused of lying, and the unimaginable effects that a disease like endometriosis can have on a relationship.

Told in a simple, straight-forward and heart-breaking style, the “liar” (the filmmaker herself) tries to explain herself to the family of her lover. There is a long and tragic history of women not being believed when they tell the truth about their lives—especially about the lives of their bodies, and this film is a deeply intimate take on that injustice—so intimate, the filmmaker even takes us inside her own body. Told in the form of a letter to a family, it is accompanied by documentary images from the filmmaker’s life.

Supported by

Government of Yukon Canada Council for the Arts Lotteries Yukon Yukon Film Society