Erratic Silence/ Silence Des Erratiques

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Marten Berkman

Erratic Silence/ Silence Des Erratiques

Media Art – Exhibition
Canada | 3 min

Erratic Silence/ Silence Des Erratiques is an interactive stereo 3D video installation.

In Erratic Silence/ Silence Des Erratiques, two women wander and seek to bridge Brontë and the boreal, searching for their home between boulders left by glaciers like apostrophes in letters from the heart.


I beg to ask, what are our contemporary emotive and spiritual stories

in this land which is just recently home?


...and which has witnessed discrimination

and forced relocation

imposed on those who have lived here for millenia?

What displacement brought settlers from distant lands?

When and where is the gyre of suffering broken?

- marten berkman


Supported by

Government of Yukon Canada Council for the Arts Lotteries Yukon Yukon Film Society