How People Got Fire

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Daniel Janke

How People Got Fire

EN | Yukon | 14 min | 2009

How People Got Fire is a production of the National Film Board of Canada.

This introspective short animation takes place In the village of Carcross, in the Tagish First Nation. Neighbourhood pillar Grandma Kay tell the local children the tale of how Crow brought fire to people. As the story unfolds, we also meet 12-year-old Tish, an introspective, talented girl who feels drawn to the elder. Here, past and present blend, myth and reality meet, and the metaphor of fire infuses all in a location that lies at the heart of this Native community’s spiritual and cultural memory.

How People Got Fire was written and directed by Daniel Janke, in cooperation with the family of Kitty Smith.

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Government of Yukon Canada Council for the Arts Lotteries Yukon Yukon Film Society