How to Bee

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Naomi Mark

Marty O’Brien

How to Bee

EN | Canada | 82 min | 2019

Set against the unique backdrop of Canada’s North, How To Bee follows a filmmaker on a journey to connect with her father through beekeeping after he is diagnosed with a degenerative lung disease.

Through archival photographs and interviews with family, the film explores the history of Don Mark’s beekeeping in the Yukon and traces his journey in the present day as he teaches his daughter, Naomi, how to keep bees.

Don’s health is a constant hurdle for him and as it continues to change Naomi struggles to accept what the new found space between her father and the bees really means.

Part biography, part point-of-view documentary and part intro to beekeeping, How To Bee is a celebration of life in all stages that depicts the journey of a father and daughter as they come to terms with the changing shape of their lives.

Supported by

Government of Yukon Canada Council for the Arts Lotteries Yukon Yukon Film Society