Lucille’s Ball

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Lulu Keating

Lucille’s Ball

EN | Canada | 83 min | 2013

Lucille comes of age in the rebellious, sexually liberated 1970s. Determined to take advantage of the new freedom offered by The Pill, she explores and experiments with women and men, straight and gay, at home and abroad. Lucille is devoted to being a musician, but her sexual abandonment and haunting past threaten to destroy her.

A music producer responds to her appeal for help and insists that she behave like a professional, and helps her put together a stronger band. She recruits sax player Hank the Hunk to her band, and they fall in love. Lucille is ready to have a baby, but Hank sits on the fence. In the fallout of their relationship, Lucille chooses an unconventional arrangement in re-building her life and in the process of fathering and rearing her child.

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