The Grubstake Remix

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The Grubstake Remix

EN, FR | Canada | 73 min | 2016

A genre-busting film that is delightful and beyond all strangeness as it straddles the worlds of theatre and silent fiction film in a modern interpretation of The Grub-Stake, the 1923 “northwoods melodrama” produced by and starring Canadian cinema icon Nell Shipman.

Actors and musicians perform in concert with the silent film in a redux where the on-screen characters speak in both Shakespearean English and French. A young woman named Faith (played on screen by Nell Shipman and in voice by Sarah Moore) goes north to the Klondike to seek her fortune only to be deceived and manipulated in a world dominated by men. Faith escapes into the bush with a team of sled dogs, her ailing father, and a half-witted prospector to lead a battle against her wrongful suitor and his henchmen.

In French and English with English subtitles.

Supported by

Government of Yukon Canada Council for the Arts Lotteries Yukon Yukon Film Society